perfect. ish.

Contextual Item The First

We're in the market for barstools, so we can eat at the kitchen island and skip the whole dining table thing (which we really don't have room for, anyway). If I had a bazillion dollars, my first choice would be Jamaica stools (design lady boner shwing!). I do not have a bazillion dollars. If I had even a bajillion dollars, I'd go with Philippe Starck Charles Ghost stools. Haven't got a bajillion, either.

Ghost stools really would be perfect, since a) there's actually no overhang on the island, and we'll have to have our legs mashed up against it when we sit there; a backless stool will be the most accommodating of this ergonomic awkwardness, and b) transparency would help keep an airy look in an already smallish space.

At least, that is my justification for thinking way too much already about this shit. The best laid plans and such.

Contextual Item The Second 

Today on the sidewalk just outside our building, I ran into a friend of Terence's. I invited her up to say hi to him and to see our place. She ended up hanging out for a while to catch up, the three of us clustered around the island...with no place to sit. 

Approximation of Conversation This Evening

- Hey, so barstools. 

- Yeah.

- Let's talk about them for a sec, yeah?

- Yeah.

- So today, having Merrill up really drove home for me how nice it is to have people over and just chill in the kitchen, you know?

- Totally.

- Soooo you know those knockoff Ghost stools I showed you? The ones with the sad video?

- Yes.

- I found a place that does relatively cheap reproductions. 

- How many would you want to get?

- Three, maybe four? Then we can just put them at the corners and eat dinner like so. It's easier to twist your legs to the side that way. 

- But if you put them there, that'll block the cabinet.

- I usually don't need to get any pots out while I'm eating dinner, so I think that'll be okay.

- Where would we put them the rest of the time, though?

- Well that's the good thing about those. Since they're clear, they won't take up much visual real estate*. We could just have them right here, along the island. 

- You think? Won't that cut off a lot of the space for walking?

- Well, a bit, yeah. But they're transparent, so it wouldn't really be imposing, I think. And I'm pretty sure they're stackable. So we could pop those bitches right there in the corner. You wouldn't really even notice them. Or even here, where the tripod is.

- I always forget that you have that tripod. We should use it.

- For what?

- I don't know. Photos?

- Well, that dude I dated never returned the stabilizing arm, remember? So I can't use it with my Nikon.

- So how did you use it before?

- I just used my iPhone mount. That's how I did all those selfies for Instagram. 

- Want me to call him? Be like, "I'm Ellie's boyfriend. She wants her part back."

- Well that sounds great except I don't have his number anymore, and I think he lost it or threw it out anyway. 

- So what do you need to use the tripod?

- With my iPhone? Nothing. See, look... 

*derpity derp, Derpina sets up tripod with her phone and starts timer app* 

- Twelve, eleven, ten, nine-

- Am I in the frame?

- Yeah.

- What should we do?

- Just act natural. No no, don't!--

- Okay that was not natural. And oh my god I look fifty. Another one without your pants falling down.

- Yeah that's good. One more...Chaucy, come here!

- Perfect. Ish.


* Actual phrase that actually came out of my mouth.