another 72 gone

There is clearly something wonky with the time/space continuum, causing summer weekends to speed up. I suspect matrix aliens*.

Friday: Little Tokyo with Ross and Kerry while Terence pulled a late night shooting (something very exciting that I unfortunately can't brag about on his behalf - yet!).

Saturday: Watched Terence perform in a Hollywood Fringe Fest play; afterward we went for cheesy pizza and even cheesier piano jazz at Miceli's.

Sunday: Slept obscenely late and invited the pup into bed for some intense weekend cuddling. Finally got up, destroyed a baguette from Les Noces du Figaro, then wandered around town in pursuit of a decent Lambrusco for Sunday dinner with friends. Didn't find one. They didn't complain. Black and white pasta with shrimp, gnocchi, ricotta cheesecake and tiramisu. Lotsa laughs and celebrating.

Weekend sights:

Here's hoping the matrix aliens get it right this week and speed up Monday through Thursday, amirite?


* Please don't ask me to explain what matrix aliens are or how they operate. It pisses them off.