Tried to take a selfie Saturday night, while we were waiting for the train to go see Blackbird Blackbird. Not sure how I managed it, but I guess I accidentally uploaded a picture of my mom instead?

She used to tell a great story about that headshot, incidentally. She'd gone into the city (she lived on Staten Island but worked in Manhattan) to have some modeling photos taken. Before she left home, she applied false lashes (thus achieving the utterly obscene bedroom eyes seen here). But she wasn't familiar with them and didn't put them on right, so they gave her some trouble - particularly on the windy ferry.

And apparently, she'd agreed to a first date immediately after the shoot (this was before my dad). So by the time she got to cocktail hour, the glue of the lashes was a sticky mess. She said she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom so she could rip the damn things off before continuing the date (still looking killer I'm sure).

Anyway, she'd have gotten such a kick out of this side-by-side.