20 things worth remembering from the last few weeks

1. This engorged dog tongue at Whittier Narrows:

2. This photobombing solar flare:

3. and 4. These dueling dorks:

5. This tug-o-war session:

6. This glimpse of the David Kelley exhibit:

7. This tangle of stuffed snakes at MOCA:

8. This puppy peering around the corner:

9. This courtyard at Zinc Cafe:

10. This glowing resin sculpture at MOCA:

11. and 12. This invisible beverage at Umami, and this dutch-oven at West Elm:

13. and 14. These puzzlers and this monkey:

15. These loves:

16. This winning gooooooooaaaal:

17. This island-dining solution:

18. These jelly jars at Villain's:

19. This pile of dishes in Chinatown:

20. These two ducks and one lady: