size matters

Did you know that gel capsules sizes are inverse relative to women's clothing sizes? So a 00 in jeans is smaller than a 4, but a 00 in Healthy Foods Brand V-Caps is much, much larger than a 4.

I did not know this. Post-delivery research has shown me I was wrong to assume that the larger the number, the larger the capsule. And we all know what happens when one assumes things: one gets stuck with a useless 300-count bag of empty horse pills.


If you did not know this either, let my mistake be your educational opportunity. To review:

And that will conclude today's pharmaceutical lesson.


p.s. This post may or may not have been an excuse to show off a blurry corner of my new repro Charles Ghost counter stools, which came today! I love them! I'll post better pics soon.

p.p.s. If anyone knows any equines that want to seriously fucking party this summer, let me know.