Colorful weekend. We went to hear some trance on Friday night (Solarstone and Alex M.O.R.P.H., both were awesome), hung out with friends on Saturday afternoon, then rented a tandem bike and messed around in Newport Beach that night. Sunday was dinner with Kerry and Ross at our favorite Italian restaurant.

What some of that looked like:

I wore six inch platforms that I nearly chucked in the trash on the walk home. I don't really dance to trance so much as sway like an extra from Girl, Interrupted, and I wanted the height advantage to better enjoy the lights and cuddle my date. But ow.

Waves frosting the beach like a cake.

A quick sittering for the Twittering.

Oh, hai.

VSCO classic filter number seven will forever be my favorite.

No-Pro :(

Some day they'll understand the pointlessness of staring at the dude behind the decks and realize how much more fun it would be to turn around and make it a true dance party.

My co-pilot has better hair than me.

When riding a tandem, it is imperative to adopt twee, 19th century names like Annabelle and Montgomery. Also to sing Weezer while dodging dogs and small children.

The throbbing, enthralled masses as seen from above. Not our favorite club, but worth it for the music.

Newport is just too dang pretty. Sprawling shoreline and clam chowder bread bowls FTW.

Days like this you can hardly blame Icarus.

"You take your car to work, I'll take my board..."

If I were a house-elf, my name would be Knobby.

Nary a scratch, on us or her!

Sunset hit right about the time my battery dropped to 3%, but I was judicious with those percentage points!

Oh jeez if you must.


Hope everyone's Monday was quick and painless! :)