promises, promises

This blog has been a big pile of suck lately, and for that I am sorry. I've been in the grips of my semi-annual internet identity crisis (wherein I strongly consider wiping clean my entire online presence - to the best of my ability anyway - before remembering how addicted I am and plodding forth once again). Also reading a lot.

In the interest of getting back on track (because I am happiest when blogging regularly), I submit for your silent judgment these Potential Upcoming Post Topics, some of which I may even follow through on!

1. Music I've Been Into Lately That Some of You May Not Abhor (yeah I know I promised this on the last round of promises, but this promise is seventy-five percent more promisey!)

2. So You Think You Want A 125+ lb Drool Machine (seven years in, I have a pretty good idea of what it's like to raise an English Mastiff - info that may be useful to someone considering one of their own).

3. A less snarky, more thorough consideration of hate reading, because I have many a thought and feel about it.

4. My "review" of The Goldfinch, which I've just finished and about which I am conflicted.

5. The collected Lobby Ellies so far (I've kept them going just for fun, post-Instagram, and compiled they're kind of a hoot, so hey why not, manna from heaven for my detractors that is FOR SHORE).

6. At least one allegorical piece, if I can think of something that/someone who warrants tethering. I very much miss doing this sort of writing, it's far and away my favorite...but these pieces are always inspired by some conflict I experience (whether internal or external). And it's been a while since something has bothered me enough to write one, I guess? Try harder, cruel world! Wound me! Do it for art's sake!

7. Gravity has got to be the most overrated movie of the past five years, holy hell was that some awful writing. I mean yes, of course the special effects were spectacular, but that dialogue?? Are you kidding me with that shit?? (okay sorry, not a post topic, just something I needed to get off my chest).