dirty dozen

Twelve Things That Happened This Month Despite My Lax Attitude Toward Documenting Them Promptly

1. I'm told we visited a vodka bar freezer room with our friend Dennis, but between the poor visibility and the two-shot minimum, I cannot verify that story. At any rate, I don't seem to have contracted Aleutian Disease from the Instagram prop communal coat, so that's good.

2. My friend Z stayed with us for a few days. We cooked chili, watched the World Series, and hot boxed Chaucer with some disappointing marijuana in the bathroom (though not all at the same time):

3. Terence and I saw Kasabian at The Wiltern, and they rocked, and we have the sweaty selfies to prove it:

4. My friend Alfie had a birthday, and hosted a lovely dinner attended by some outgoing, interesting people who all gelled really well. I got to know his nearest and dearest a little better, and it was generally an awesome night:

5. Chaucer submitted himself to Local People With Their Arms Crossed:

6. Terence did a bunch of shows and a poetry reading, none of which I have pictures of. But here's him drinking and playing guitar instead, because he's equally adorable at those activities:

7. We went to The Standard with some friends and wow, that sweater really comes out rather OMG GREY POUPON!!1! in photos, doesn't it??

8. I gave Chaucer a rope toy that he unraveled within fifteen minutes and turned into some kind of creepy hangman / voodoo doll just in time for Halloween, because he's genius like that:

9. We saw Madeon, a twenty year-old French DJ who performed one of the best EDM sets I have ever heard, and that, mes amis, is saying a lot. Kid was a pint-sized ball of energy up there, all smiles and bouncing and having the time of his life (left pic; right is Kasabian):

10. Chaucer got at least 7% cuter, though that's an extremely conservative estimate:

11. Horse Thief BBQ happened. And whatever is happening on the right happened as well:

12. I misread a party invitation and arrived at my friend Kenne's house two and a half hours early. After helping the guys set up, I retreated to the backyard with Magda the Frenchie and sipped Sangria until the more literate guests arrived. Sorry to say Mags was unimpressed by my Duolingo progress:


I don't have any good excuse for the negligence this month, and I didn't set out to take a deliberate hiatus, but I will say this: it's much easier to focus on what my life feels like when I spend less time worrying about what it looks like.