sawtooth is the new chevron

Ladies! Would you like a casual shoe that says "I'm the kind of gal who can coach cheerleading, helm a Palm Springs bowling league, and bring sexy back to those Daughters of the American Revolution flag dedication ceremonies!" all while subtly hinting at your love of Scandinavian design? When you accidentally step on an Amazonian-sized insect, do you prefer it to survive the encounter unscathed?

Then have I found the kicks for you!

$1,080.00, plus tax and shipping, minus an irretrievable chunk of your dignity. 


For the record, I'm no Stella McCartney hater. In fact I stumbled across these while engaging in one of my twice-monthly pining sessions for the Falabella Cross Body Bag, wherein I stare longingly at my computer screen and try to calculate what I could forego long enough to afford it (cold-pressed cashew milk, yes; Spotify subscription, hell no; sushi, yes; health insurance premium, need to check horoscope - etc.). But good grief.