super surpise

My favorite musician took me to see my second favorite musician tonight. It was a surprise he'd told me to save the date for last month...right around the time Rhett Miller announced a show for the 21st in Hermosa "I'm a Fan But Not a Drive That Far Fan" Beach. Still, I was completely oblivious.

Today I hit him up for clues just so I'd have some idea what to wear.

Fucking ridiculous, this guy. Surprises me with tickets to see my musical crush, takes the time to listen to some of said crush's music, then suggests we leave early so we can sit close. Seriously. Seriously

I've written loads and loads about Rhett Miller (and Old 97's), and there's really nothing new I can add tonight. Fantastic, high energy, engaging and funny as always. We did indeed get there early enough to get a table up front, and while it was awesome to just sit and enjoy for once, wow was it hard for me to stay seated. When Rhett asked during his encore whether there were any requests, I shot up like a rocket. But the cover of Robyn Hitchcock's "Cynthia Mask" I wanted to hear is too complicated to play solo (which I had suspected, though I half-hoped he had some kind of minimal acoustic version worked out). 

But he smiled and said he'd work on it. 

Oh darn, looks like I'll have to keep going to his shows.

Stewart Ransom Miller, the serial ladykiller  

My god, save some handsome for the rest of us will you?

Isn't it fun when it takes a flash photo to let you know your top is actually semi-sheer?
Rhett announced that after he changed into a dry shirt he'd be hanging out for a bit signing autographs, taking selfies, and selling merch to pay for a parking ticket. I'm pretty squicky about chasing down celebs, which always feels tacky and intrusive. And after my 2012 Old 97's tour bus experience, I am more than satisfied with my Rhett interactions, anyway. Bragging rights for life, hello. 

But one never knows when one of one's favorite bands will break up. And it's been 20+ years for Old 97's, and Rhett's recent lyrics definitely hint at some burnout. So I decided to take a moment just to thank him for the eighteen years of which I've been a fan. Guess who had to wait with me in line for ten minutes, so I could do that? Yep. Super Boyfriend, who teased me mercilessly as I nervously fixed my hair and cleared my throat. "This is amazing," he laughed, watching me. "You're like a sixteen year old right now." 

And I'd also like to say I had NO INTENTION of taking a pic, because see: bragging rights above, and also, seriously, the guy must be exhausted and just want to get out of there and go to bed. But then there he was and I was tripping over my words and he was all gracious and solicitous and suggesting a pic and Terence was on it like *that* which is a good thing because I had lost track of what was coming out of my mouth, and only snapped out of my daze when I heard Terence saying "I'm so lucky you're married." 

LOL. And Rhett LOLed. And then we left and demolished some sushi at Katsuya before taking the train back home. 

Super Boyfriend.

Super night.

Super surprise. 

39, going on 16