Holiday Headlines in DTLA

I'm kicking it into high gear (read: panic mode) right about now, as I have volunteered to host a small Misfit Christmas for a few friends but have yet to decide WTF to cook, how to serve it, and what other entertainments we should provide. So I'mma sign off for a few days of preparation, celebration, and recovery. In the meantime I leave you with this wee offering:

Christmas Miracle! Downtown Couple Fit Tree, Mastiff, and Several Drunken Adults In Tiny Loft Apartment; No Fires or Deaths Ensue

Seven Year Old Dog Experiences Snow For First Time, Declares it "NBD" 

Financial District Hanukkah Display Increased In Size By Seven Percent, Moved to Dedicated Peninsula 

String Lights Add Festive Element to 7th Street's Homeless Quarter

Area Hipster Covets Giant Corporate Lobby Christmas Tree Scarf 

Polished Hotel Floors Reflect Guests' Already-Abandoned New Year's Resolutions 


I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and that this week brings you lots of whatever you need most.

Merry merry, happy happy, ho ho ho.