holiday groove

There's a club downtown I really, really dislike going to, which is frustrating since it's so conveniently close and gets such great talent. But events are way oversold, making for a miserably crowded dance floor, VIP tickets (which are the only way to escape the crush of the main floor) are laughably overpriced, and there's virtually no seating. After a horrible experience there a few months ago, I swore I'd never go back.

I've been there twice in the past two weeks. Resolve is not my strong suit.

One notable exception was last Thursday, when we were looking for something fun to do while some friends were in town for the night. The club was holding its annual Holiday Groove - bring an unwrapped toy and get free admission. Admission is normally $30 so that is not too shabby a deal. And when we found out The Crystal Method would be there? Done and done.

Holy crap, what an awesome time. Half the fun we had was drunkenly picking out toys at Wallgreens beforehand. I opted for the Hello Kitty Sparkle Tote Bag with Keychain and Markers, because if fashion blogs have taught me anything (they haven't), it's that accessories are the key to a successful capsule wardrobe. (Picture a third-grader sweating her capsule, sucking thoughtfully on a juice box as she stares down a closet full of Oshkosh. Do I really need three pairs of Freshly Picked moccasins? Yeah, I totally do.)

And hats, of course hats. Because zany.

"Who's Ellie?"

I demand to see this Santa's certificate of authenticity! 
And now for a wholly unnecessary (read: sappy and personal) explanation of the next photo.

Perhaps our favorite moment at Coachella this year was during Bastille's set, when we just sort of clung to one another and swayed blissfully while they played Pompeii. We were right outside the tent, the sun was starting to set, a breeze was kicking up, and we were surrounded by thousands of ecstatically happy fans singing along. Since then, whenever we're out and Pompeii (or some version of it) comes on, we kinda freak out, get all goofy, and sing it to one another. Gross, I know. 

Well, some DJ started a mix of Pompeii while I was in the bathroom, and I came flying back upstairs, basically shoving through people like YO DIS MY JAM I GOTSTA GET TO MY BOY MOVE OUT DA WAY (no not really, I am not an asshole), and when I got back to the group I saw Terence craning his head around trying to find me, and my heart went KABOOM, it was so damn sweet. So I get right in front of him and start belting out the words, waiting for him to see I'm back. And when he turned around and saw me, the most amazing, knowing expression came on his face like, Yep, and I erupted into laughter because it was just so perfect. 

And my friend Dennis, who is brilliant at catching moments like that (he got all the best shots on 80s night), caught it:

So yeah, that pic. All the happies in that pic.

The Crystal Method was a bit of a bust (only half the duo was there, and he didn't play any of the old school stuff I was hoping to hear), but we had a blast nonetheless, dancing ourselves stupid and staying out much later than school nighters should stay out. Though I'm sure that's obvious from the wasted-looking elves above. 

They are some much beloved wasted-looking elves, that's for damn sure.