quick bragging sesh

So this is kinda fun. I know someone on tomorrow night's episode of The Newsroom. So do you.

It's this guy:

Crazy cool, right?? There's a preview here, if you wanna check it out. Feel free to point at the screen and yell to your significant other/pets, "HEY I KNOW THAT DUDE! HE BANGS MY FAVORITE* BLOGGER!"

The episode was shot this summer and while he couldn't say anything at the time (thus neither could I), it was a mega-exciting few days around here, oh man. Emails with the HBO letterhead, a costume fitting at the studio, and lots of other OMG moments (for me, that is; Terence was cool as a cucumber about the whole thing).

I saved a screenshot of the text when he found out, because adorbs:

And I did know it, because when we were practicing lines his deliveries were perfect and I could just see it, yanno? We watched some clips before his audition and even though I was only vaguely familiar with the show, I could totally visualize him in the scene. Okay well maybe I'm just super cheerleader girlfriend, but WHATEVER, he did it!

When he got home that night I was out, but I had left him a goofy little walk of fame star taped on the floor of our entranceway, along with a card:

It was such an awesome experience for him and he's had to wait ages for the episode to finally air, so please forgive my gushing. Acting can be such a rough racket, and it's nice to see his perseverance and great attitude pay off. 

Anyway, that's the cool bit of news I wanted to share with the Elliequent army. Small, fierce, and now with 67% more cable television cred!