blah blah, good pic of me, blah blah

Well, Blackbird Blackbird was a bust bust. He played his own music, but the poor kid sounded terrible. Totally flat. People were walking out. We walked out. It was especially frustrating since, urged by the promoters to get there early, we'd been there since 7:30pm. And he didn't even take the stage until 11, goofing around having drinks and taking photos until the crowd was close to rioting. Not cool. Maybe you should have used that time to do a sound check, dude.

But if you're local and haven't been, I strongly urge you to check out Sayers Club, which is one of the coziest live music venues I've seen yet:

We bookended the show with pizza from two different places (there's a by-the-slice joint every twenty feet on Hollywood between Vine and Highland), so I can't complain too terribly about a night that began and ended thusly. Then the usual as we waited for the train: Terence making music on his phone while I played Blogstagram on mine.

These are some really fucking exciting photos, aren't they? Almost as exciting as a three sentence bad review of a musician you (probably) don't know or care to. Well hey let's just get to the real point of this post which is holy shit, Ellie managed to take a good photo of herself! Two, even!

I know what you're thinking. Sware to god, though. Sware to god. I filtered them on Pomelo (free and awesome, definitely recommend as a simpler alternative to the absurdly overwhelming VSCOcam) but bishes, your blogmistress didn't touch them otherwise. And I say that as someone who openly admits to a light swipe or two of smoothing on FaceTune from time to time (though not on flash photos! just cruel, unforgiving daylight). 

So yeah, apparently if you can't afford a lightbox, La Mer, or like, facials, the subway station at H'wood and Vine is THE place to take a flattering selfie. At least of yourself. Screw your partner and his mashed-in nose, amirite??

Alright, gonna try and pull this post out of its self-absorbed tailspin with a quick music share. I finished my Bonnaroo homework in record time this year and oh man is there some incredible talent on that lineup, all the way down to the bottom tier. Like this gem:

AWESOME, RIGHT?? That's Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, a mother/son duo from Kansas City. Broke into the biggest grin when I heard those pipes.

Have lots more Bonnaroo discoveries to share in the coming weeks, including some blue grass, some Afro-funk, and some new-to-me acts from Down Under. Oi!