eric prydz

Do you hate EDM? Do you have six minutes and an open mind? If so, give me a chance to change it?

I mentioned the other day that there are a few musicians I'll pay to see again and again; one such musician is Eric Prydz. He's a Swedish DJ who lives here in Los Angeles, actively producing under his real name and two additional labels that play on that name: Pryda and Cirez D.

Cirez D was the show I was desperately (Viddy is no more, alas) trying to score tickets to, for Halloween, after the event sold out. We ended up finding a pair on Craigslist, and between the music and our ridiculous costumes, it turned out to be one of the best nights we had last year. I didn't post photos at the time, but we were right under the booth. I was in heaven.

Nothing a DJ loves more than a phone in his face! 

I was sliiiiightly excited, haha

There are about a million varieties of electronic music and some of them I find just awful. Straight house bores me, IDM scares me, and trap sends me running for the door. Also not a big fan of epic, sweeping female vocals that make me feel like I wandered into an Abercrombie & Fitch.

But progressive house, Dutch house, electro house, tech house, trance, and even moombahton - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Clean, simple beats that build slowly, trance out for a bit, then pull back in? You can't pry me from the dance floor.

If you think you hate EDM, you very well may, and there very well may be nothing I could share that would change that. But it could just be that you hate certain kinds of it. So in the interest of recruiting a few new Eric Prydz fans, I thought I'd share one of his best. It's a track we danced to on Halloween, and it's utterly immersive live. He's kicking off a Pryda tour next month and it would make me so happy to think that someone discovered him through my blog.

Check it out if you've got time. Either way, have a great weekend.

p.s. "Lycka" means happiness in Swedish.