Oh hai 2015. Wats up.

I've got a number of posts queued in drafts percolating that I hope to get out over the next week, including a longerish post about New Year's Eve and Day, an open letter to the Snuggie® director of marketing, a PSA about MDMA usage, and a story about a very sad girl who lives on a boat (who definitely does not represent me, because I never get so sad I'd want to live on a boat, haha can you imagine? no way not me).

In the meantime, I made a thing from a thing Terence made. We didn't really get any good photos on Wednesday night, but he quite adorably took a video of us that he was super excited about because it came out so well. When we were looking at it on his phone he pointed out how pretty the colors of the still frames are, from all the lights flashing around the ballroom. So I cobbled this together, to make him smile when he wakes up (OH HAI BOYFREN), but hopefully he won't mind my also sharing it here.

The new year makes me very aware of how lucky I am to have you guyz, not the least because this blog is so incredibly important to my sanity and happiness and self-esteem. So thanks for participating in this, my humble little Sanity and Happiness and Self-Esteem Project. Now let's go forth and crush MMXV, yes yes?