of earthquakes and eucalypts*

Four things making it clear I'm due to send out some kindness karma of my own, post-haste:

1. Terence and I got into it pretty badly late Saturday night, hitting our biggest, deepest fault line and making for a rough remainder of the weekend. But the upside of earthquakes is they offer a chance to reorganize as you put things back in order. Hmm, maybe the vase should go there instead. And what if we hang this picture here for a change? That's DeepSpeak™ for good talk afterward. We had a really good talk afterward. And tonight he surprised me with tickets for Blackbird Blackbird, a synth pop musician with an ambient, dreamy sound that I love, and that I still haven't heard live.

BB disappointed us a few months ago by playing a bunch of weird trap instead of performing his new album, even though his show was touted as the first night of that album's promotional tour. We were among many fans really bummed out that night, because his original music is awesome. A sample of what we're hoping to hear this time around:

2. Speaking of my partner in seismology, a couple more prom pics surfaced from Friday night, which we spent with friends cavorting at our favorite rooftop bar. Say what you will about The Standard, it's some of the best people watching downtown. (You can totes tell it's LA's classiest nightlife destination by the wristband.)

Me and denim shirt dude back there apparently have the same hairstylist.

3. Aaand speaking of concerts, my favorite moment of the day recently was a text from a friend I haven't seen much of lately (my fault, not his) telling me to save the date, because he'd scooped up a ticket for me, for Of Montreal. I don't know how I've managed to program all the people in my life to surprise me with concert tickets, but holy shit is it amazing. Okay well maybe because I get wasted and spring for those mid-shelf liquor shots. Or maybe it's because my terrible dance moves make them look better? Whatever. Of Montreal! He and his boyfriend are graphic design nuts, so I'm surprising them back with a copy of Los Logos 7. (I'll hide it under my shirt during the show then whip it out at the end, it's gonna be amaze.)

4. Aaand speaking of favorite moments, here's one that knocked my socks off yesterday. Recently started getting friendly with a neighbor in my building, a girl I've known peripherally for some three years now. She's smart and kind, likes fiction, dogs, sushi and photography, and she isn't afraid to dine or travel alone (POINTS!). Anyhoodles, yesterday she left a bunch of fresh eucalyptus stalks outside our door, constituting probably the most considerate neighborly gesture I've been on the receiving end of in, oh, 20+ years of apartment dwelling. I like to tie mine to the shower head for a "spa experience" haha, she wrote in the card. Holy shit, I texted her in response. About the nicest thing any neighbor's done for me, ever. 

I hope she likes with profanity with her sushi.

*(not a typo!)