DJ white noise

I was messing around with the White Noise app earlier, layering sounds to make mixes I thought I could share here for a lol. Unfortunately while saving and uploading them to SoundCloud was a snap, they wouldn't process for some reason. Tried twice but the gag isn't worth any further effort.

Anyway, here's a screenshot:

I was particularly proud of that second one, which sounds exactly like the quieter parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I guess if you have kids they might get a kick out of them? Good background for a spooky story or something? Or perhaps that's a terrible idea and it's a good thing your children are far out of reach of Creepy Aunt Ellie and Her Bedtime Nightmare Noise Machine. Yeah, more likely that. Whatever, here are the formulas:

Changeling Forest = Amazon Jungle + Chimes Chiming
Creepy Bayou = Frogs at Night + Crickets Chirping + Boat Swaying in Water
Hermione and Crookshanks on the Hogwarts Express = Cat Purring + Train Ride

Sweet dreams, muahahah.