We found an awesome new spot to take Chaucer on Monday, near the Western Canyon entrance of Griffith Park. It's called Ferndell (though I'm calling it Fern Gully). Poor guy definitely deserved an adventure after being cooped up while we ran around town all weekend.

It's my new favorite city park (still a long list to get through). Lush, shady, with a winding path that runs along a creek with mini waterfalls, ponds, and lots of sniffable plantlife. The trails open up into a wider area for picnics and play. Lots of pups there; we even saw a couple of gorgeous black and white Borzois.

I'd give it a 4/10 on a scale of strenuousness for dogs. Chaucer's getting up there (he'll be eight this year), so he was huffing and puffing a bit as we jumped around on the creek beds. But the trails are generally flat with mild inclines, and I don't think any dog would have trouble keeping up.

That last pic is actually from Barnsdall Park, which we checked out as well. I don't particularly recommend it for dogs. Not much space, steep inclines, and mostly buildings. Feels more like a community college than a park.