april leftovers

Look at that face, Thrifty. I hope you can live with yourself

This is what $50/month saved in pet rent looks like. And if I wanted to, now I could take him on the train, or in grocery stores. (I don't want to.) Though it's questionable from his expression which of us needs the emotional support more.

No edits on this. Just white pants + the trippy lighting in Bar 107. I rushed out to show Terence: "BABY I HAVE NO LEGS IN THE BATHROOM" and he said "That's amazing, honey! You finished off the shrooms, didn't you?" (I did not.)

Do you have any idea how long it takes to Photoshop nose hairs?

From a stupidly fun afternoon hanging out by the pool(?) at Ace Hotel.

Most people don't know this about me, but I am actually 1/16th turtle. Check out that neck extension!



Aforementioned afternoon, with my boys Mark and Dennis

They don't come classier than us.

Sometimes I look at things other than my own camera lens.

Mark, me, and Snuggles.

Ugh, it is SO embarrassing when the gum in my hair gets stuck to Mark's shoulder. THAT'S TWICE NOW.

This beauty's just a block away from my apartment. (Los Angeles Public Library)

Apartment's clean if not the sock!

Soon the US Bank Tower will cease to be the tallest building in LA. We're just trying to make it feel special while we can.

He played "I'm On Fire" for me, in the dark, after I asked if he knew it. (He didn't, but he found the chords online and learned it on the spot.)