heart so big

This guy gave us a scare at the end of last week.

Where we sometimes meet Terence after work; if I make the mistake of walking Chaucer down this block too early, he plants himself smack on the sidewalk and won't budge until his BroDog shows up. Just stares, waiting, in the direction Terence comes from.

When I got home late Thursday night, he was agitated, restless, panting heavily. Thought maybe he just needed a walk, but down on the street he wouldn't move from my side, seemed scared and not himself at all. Got back upstairs and he wouldn't settle down in his bed, wanted to lay on the bathroom rug instead. Sometimes he sleeps there so I said Okay buddy, see you in the morning. But the second I left the bathroom he started whining. Laid on the rug with him for a bit, hoping he'd fall asleep, but he didn't. Kept panting and pawing at me to pet him, whining if I moved away at all.

Finally at three am I woke Terence up. Asked if anything unusual had happened earlier in the evening when I was out, if he'd noticed Chaucer eating anything off the ground during his after dinner walk, etc. Terence said nope, all seemed normal. By this time though Chaucer had been heavily panting for over an hour, so that was that - time for a trip to the emergency vet.

X-ray, chest scan, blood work. Nothing showed up other than a slight heart murmur, which the vet said is something to keep an eye on, as it could indicate the start of degenerative disease, but it's nothing that would be causing him immediate pain. She said his blood work was actually "impeccable" for a dog his age. No sign of bloat or gastrointestinal obstruction; radiology didn't see any orthopedic concerns. She gave us pain killers for him and said we could also try Pepcid, as it could have been stomach upset. Held off on both for half a day to see if he'd shake it off, but while he was panting much less, he was still whining a little when we'd leave his side. So, did a day's worth of pain killers. 

Now he's slowly coming back to being himself. Playing, eating, drinking, regular routine. So whatever it was, thankfully, seems to have passed. Hate that my boy had to spend three hours being poked and prodded in a cold exam room, but relieved to get that clean bill of health. Gonna check in with his regular vet this week, see what she thinks. And talk to her about that murmur. Because of course Chaucer would have heart so big it talks. Of course he would.