the calm before

The next few weeks are going to be chaos. Birthday trip to the desert this weekend, friends in town the next, then it's out to Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Chaucer, however, is none too pleased about any of it. Disruptions to his routine, being left behind while Mama and BroDog go on vacation, getting less attention when guests are around? No thanks, says he.

The least we could do was squeeze in a day devoted entirely to him, before things get crazy. So this past Sunday was Chaucday. We took him to a new-to-all-of-us destination, Highland Park, for some off-leash exploring, then to K9 Loft in Pasadena for three (!) new toys, then to Pitfire Pizza where he got to chill with us on the patio (a rare treat; few restaurants are roomy enough to easily accommodate him). We even took him to Little Tokyo for froyo later that night.

Not much in the way of story to go with these, just the three of us enjoying one another's company, on a weekend in May. Sliding into summer, soaking up the sun.