Greetings from *looks out window* heaven, I think? Yes, let's go with heaven.

Got a text from my friend Autumn yesterday:

You survive Bonnaroo? Still patiently waiting for the LSD post, hoping the festival didn't dull the descriptive blog posts I've been promised. ;)

I did! And it did not! More embarrassingly purple prose descriptive blog posts are on the way. It's just that between flying to Nashville, shuttling from Murfreesboro to Manchester four days in a row, shuttling back to Nashville, then driving through two national parks to Lake Burton, Georgia (where I am now), I haven't had time to write them yet. Okay, made time. I haven't made time yet.

But in my defense, this is the front yard where I'm currently staying:

There aren't even any mosquitos here, that's the level of Elysium we're talking about.

So it is exceedingly difficult to tether myself to a wifi connection indoors. But hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday and getting in some summer relaxation and/or adventure, as desired. Talk at you soon, mes amis.