may leftovers

Come hell or high water, I'm going to write my LSD post later today. I'd put it off for a few extra days to see if when the dust settled I'd have a different perspective. (I don't.) Also because it feels impossible and enormous, as if all the colors of the rainbow escaped and it's my job to wrangle them back into order.

First some leftovers, before they get lost in the shuffle of Bonnaroo and Beyond.

"And you get a hair cut, and you get a hair cut, and you get a hair cut...everyone gets a hair cut!"

No fairy tale ever boasted so handsome a prince! ...and the human is okay, too.

All the best Memorial Day barbecues include faith-healing sessions and height-offs.

This is my neighborhood showing off for you, being all clear and bright and jazzy on a Saturday night.

This is my dog showing off for you, being all smart and considerate to his fellow city dwellers. Believe it or not I didn't teach him to do this. He must have read one of those "please curb your dog" signs and interpreted it as literally, because I had nothing to do with it. Pretty fancy footwork, no?