So I guess that's what unplugging during a vacation feels like? Difficult (though probably good) for me, but unavoidable either way. The past two and a half weeks have been go-go-go, see-see-see, and do-do-do. Tennessee, Georgia, and quick jaunts to North and South Carolina. I had internet access but no energy at the end of each day with which to use it. Collapsing into bed every night sun-soaked, bug-bitten, and lake-logged. Took another few days since I've been home to catch my breath, reconnect with my boys, and wash the South off (though happily, parts of it are stuck on me forever).

Cannot wait to share my Bonnaroo and Lake Burton stories. Shivers just thinking about all of it. But first I have the unfinished business of Joshua Tree, and all that unfolded there.

To get back into spirit of that day, I pulled up a song on YouTube. It's one we listened to on the drive out, and so became forever linked, for me, with the experience I had there. Now, I had never once seen the video for the track; I only searched for it to share here, rather than embed a song from SoundCloud. I laughed, delighted but somehow not surprised, when I saw the video was shot in the desert, with some visual elements straight out of my LSD trip (will explain in the next post).

It's ridiculous, of course. Flower eating, fire dancing, and one very nervous-looking chinchilla. Please ignore all that silliness and focus on the music, which is so very pretty, and so perfectly representative of my birthday in the desert. I'm going to listen to it myself right now a couple more times, as I try to slip back into the wild, weird, and wonderful world I visited almost one month ago.

I'll see you there very soon.