for want of a Do, for lack of a Show

I gathered up all of his Says
I tried to find a use for them.

They were light as feathers, so I thought -
maybe -
a pillow?

I stuffed them in a case
I sewed it shut
But when I put my head down
There wasn't much support after all.

I looked closer
I sorted them into piles:

Shoulds and Wills and Want Tos
were Good Intentions
Redolent at first
Their scent and color quickly faded though. :(

Compliments and Praise
I weighed against Honesty,
and Honesty launched them across the room
where they settled
in a pretty (useless) heap.

Anger found me then,
So I grabbed up the pillow
I slammed it on the bed
(this is a recommended therapy on many fine advice-doling websites)

But I've never been good at keeping things together
so the seams burst.

Feather-says flew everywhere.

The dog raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged at him.

Together we watched my mess rain down.

And as they floated to the floor, I realized
their usefulness
as breadcrumbs
leading me back to where I shouldn't go again.