octobre. octobre. octobre.

Can I say how frustrating it is, to not be able to share what I'm doing right now? And that I know how annoying the secrecy is? It's one part paranoia over protecting my interests and two parts resolve to have something impressive to share for once. The paranoia I know is probably unnecessary, because it isn't as if there's a subset of Elliequent readers idling about just waiting to swoop in and steal my next dumb business idea. The resolve I hope is self-explanatory.

I decided to change my approach on a few things in a major way, which has made the whole enterprise a million times more exciting because now I have something truly worthwhile to sell, I think. But that about-face has cost me a lot of time and not a small bit of money, because the equipment I need is so specialized. In fact now I'm at another standstill, while I wait for yet another thing to arrive. Oh my god this vagueblogging is absurd. I'm sorry.


I'm heading back to Lake Burton on Wednesday. My dear friend Bill hasn't been quite up to speed lately, so unfortunately it falls on me to go to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, smack dab in the middle of leaf-peeping season (we timed my visit to the exact week the foliage is projected to be at its peak), and kick his octogenarian butt back into high gear. I mean I don't know where he gets off, slowing down as his 90s loom on the horizon, but not on my watch. No sir. I intend to have him baking bread in the morning, gardening in the afternoon, and cooking dinner every night. Oh and still drinking me under the table the whole time. DO YOU HEAR THAT, BILL? I'M COMING FOR YOU, BUDDY.

This older generation I tell you. Bunch of layabouts.

Anyway, as I am back on Instagram I apologize in advance for the onslaught. I haven't seen leaves change color since growing up in Michigan, and I am so goddamned excited.


Have you heard "Bros" by Wolf Alice? Maybe it's my upcoming trip, the anticipation of which has me feeling like a little kid. Maybe it's the season. Or maybe it's the fact that these days I'm feeling especially connected to the people I care about, people who've been so kind about touching base with me to see how goes The Transition. I just feel really fucking lucky. And when I feel that way it doesn't take much to shove me over the sentimental edge, and I have to stop myself from texting everyone I know and saying I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU. Anyway, this song and video.



Moved my desk, for a change of scenery. I love seeing everyone in the building across. Feels like I have co-workers.

Had a stupidly fun night with Krista recently. The best kind of random night with no agenda, new people, and lots of laughs. No idea what's happening here but I had to document it for posterity. 

From the last night we hung out before she left. She'll be back to pack up (Ross is still here, too) before she's officially moved up to SF, so I'll see her again. But yeah. All the feels. 

I posted on IG about my randomly ending up at a Bernie Sanders rally the other day. This was my view from onstage. 

Car selfie yesterday. Terence's hand to my right. Fun afternoon. Oh, life. Y U so crazy.


Tonight I'm having dinner with Ross and later Terence and I are going to Lane 8. He got tickets for us ages ago and we both love the music so much so we figured why not. I mean, come on:

Anyway, there will likely be some altered consciousness gramming later. Wheeeee!


re: the post title - When I was in high school, my French teacher was obsessed with getting our pronunciation of Octobre perfect. She drilled us on it over and over and over until we had the second, closed 'o' sound and the '-bre' ending just right. Octobre. Octobre. Octobre. Ever since then I can't hear or think the word "October" without automatically practicing my Frawnch.