FriNiJamz Volume I (embedded)

Okay kidlets, we're gonna change up how we do FriNiJamz around here. Apparently, embedded YouTube vids don't come through for anyone subscribed to my blog via email. Boo, hiss. So we're gonna try leveling up to an embedded Spotify playlist and see how that works. Hooray, Spotify!

I know not everyone's on Spotify, so I do apologize if you're not, and therefore unable to see this. But Spotify is free and amazing and I cannot say enough good things about it. And if I understand how this works correctly, as long as you have an account and are signed in, you should be able to listen to / follow the list. (After I hit publish I'll log out and experiment and see what's what, though.)

Since I'm starting from scratch with the embedded version, I've titled it FriNiJamz Volume I. I'll leave it up until next Friday night.