a room of my own

I came to the realization tonight that I need to officially shelve the blog, and indefinitely. I've been beating myself up for weeks now, feeling disappointed each night my head hits the pillow and I haven't written anything. But I just have to wait, and I have to let myself off the hook for doing so.

These last weeks have been a whirlwind of adjusting to work, apartment hunting, dealing with the most uncomfortable domestic situation of my life, and yes, socializing. I won't say that I couldn't have skipped some nights out, some partying with friends in order to get pages down. But if you knew what my weeks were like, you'd forgive me the unproductive weekends. I need to cut loose and spend time with the people I love, whenever I can, or I'd have a breakdown. My friends are my lifeline right now.

Lack of time aside, living with Terence has become an absolute nightmare of awkwardness and tension. I can't concentrate. I can't create. I can barely stand to be in the same living space. It's bad. But it's almost over. In fact, it's over this coming Saturday. I move on Saturday. I really can't believe it, that it's finally here. Freedom and independence. Just me and the pup again.

I'll tell you all about it, and everything else, too. When I'm back to having a room of my own, and everything has settled down.

It might take me another month, to be honest. I've got to get a new schedule going, get organized, get unpacked and cozied up. I need to find my new grocery stores, coffee shops, and walks for Chaucer. I need to forge a new routine. Other priorities have to come first. But I'm coming back. You know I'm coming back.