sunny, sweet, and sexy

It feels like ages since I've had pics to post, of anything other than Chaucer's mug--which, don't get me wrong, remains my favorite view. But today I have some. Not gonna lie: it feels nice to be able to do that again.

I spent last weekend holed up in what could arguably called a cabin, in Malibu, with no cell reception, and really no one around that we could see. We being my companion and I. Person of interest. Person I am dating. Person I've known for I guess seven weeks now? Person. Person who found the rental, booked the weekend, treated me, and spoiled me over the course of two and a half days with meals, gifts, and thoughtful little gestures.

The place was adorable. Pure, southwestern-ish boho charm, totally one of a kind. Twin octagon rooms connected by a small stairway. Skylights. Spacious, octagon-shaped patio. Dreamy little aerie of a loft. And the shower? Was a freakin' stone grotto. Check it:

I had nothing to do with the above spread. I woke up to that, fully prepared, waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Chocolate milk on ice in a champagne bucket. Along with Prosecco. Yeah.

Not pictured: the stop we made at the Getty Villa, on the way up. Took a tour. Goofed around and laughed, and made impatient bedroom eyes at one another.

We had decided ahead of time that we just wanted to stay in and be chill for the whole weekend, not mess with fighting crowds or waiting for tables at restaurants and bars. So we stopped at the store on the way there, stocked up, and cooked for ourselves the whole weekend. He ended up out-cooking me, which was some bullshit as it was his birthday and shouldn't have done a damn thing other than relax. But so it went. And he's a brilliant cook.

We made the very most of our time there. Long, idling dinners under the patio's string lights, and surrounded by the dozens of votives he'd brought along. We lay on the sofa, playing music for one another, some of it from a playlist we'd collaborated on, some we'd think of on the spot, that we wanted the other to hear. Then we turned off the lights, rolled out yoga mats, layered them with beach towels, and lay under the stars. We both brought small surprises for one another. We explored within and without.

And it was all just so fucking lovely. As sunny, sweet, and sexy as I hope the snapshots convey.