late october phone dump

Things are settling down. The chaos that has dominated the past few months is subsiding. Within a couple of weeks I'll be able to share more, but for now any worriers can stop worrying. (I'm looking at you, Bill.)

All of my free time lately has been sucked up by scurrying about, looking for work. Which I've found. And now that things are falling into place I hope to have more time, for more substantial posts. But in the meantime, to prove that rumors of my demise have been great exaggerated, here's a very boring photo dump of some of the stuff I've been up to since June.

New place. Around the corner to the left is the kitchen, and I'm standing in the office / closet-y area. Behind me is a full bedroom. It's a pretty cute little place, but my building has negative curb appeal. Not the greatest street to be on.

Poor Chauc has had a big adjustment lately. New place, mom gone a lot more. He's definitely slowing down, the ol' pup.

"Are we going back on Instagram?? No? Ok never mind."

"I guess this neighborhood isn't so bad..." 

Big drooly goober. 
FYF! Went with my friends Steve and Allison, mainly to see LCD Soundsystem 

It ain't Bonnaroo, but they put on a decent gig. 

Allison, being as big a scheduling nerd as me. 

IG Repeat #1

IG Repeat #2

Snuggles 4ever.

Cam came to visit! Terrible shot of me, but good good look at his big blue peepers. 

Alfie turned 40! Being the fabulous man that he is, he chartered a boat and took his friends to Catalina Island. 

I can't keep up with these stylish bitches. 

Tequila, white wine, something else I can't remember. The thing was the size of a casserole. 


Team effort.

Birthday boy making it happen.


OF COURSE there'd be a rainbow at our send-off. 

I really need to get to Catalina more than once every five years.

Six selfies, six totally different hair colors. Yay, filters! 

I promise he's not always as depressed as he looks.

Recently engaged. :)

Of Montreal at The Regent on Monday. Ridiculous fun.