the mirror of lack

There once was a girl with two mirrors in her room. In one she saw all that she was; in the other, all that she wasn't.

The girl looked in both mirrors every day. The first showed her someone lovely, with grace and poise and laughter in her eyes. It was easy to smile at this reflection, and to turn from it with her head held high.

But in the second mirror was a face drawn with reproach, and the heaviness of disappointment. This image left the girl feeling shot through with shame. Not for having done something wrong. Just for not having done enough.

One day, with the shifting of seasons, she noticed the light that came through her window no longer hit the second mirror - the mirror of lack. And though she tried, she could no longer make out the inadequacies she'd once beheld there.

It seemed obvious what to do next. Because how many mirrors does one need, anyway?