break in the blur

Well, I survived my nine day streak, and I have today and tomorrow off. Survived but got sick - and I never get sick. Chronic diseases and disorders, yes. But little colds and the flu? Hardly ever. I have the weirdest immune system.

I don't even think it was the hours. I think it was not bringing a coat to work, and the very cold walk home. Whatever. I'll live.

The real frustration is that my schedule was loaded like that in order to accommodate a new hire - who decided, after all, that she didn't want the job. She found something else. Fine, great, except she didn't tell us until the day she was supposed to start. By then we'd all rearranged everything to devote the time to getting her trained up. By then it was too late to put everyone back to where they normally are. It went by quickly enough, though, a blur of the usual joys and frustrations. I just miss my boyfriend - and my blog.

We may or may not have found someone new since, however. I'm waiting to hear from my boss if it's happening. If so, I'll be on a six day week in order to train her. If not, god knows what. We're stretched pretty thin right now.

Timo has been patient and lovely, and even though we try to switch off visits to one another, he's insisted on coming my way to help me conserve every last bit of time I have. The other night before leaving in the morning, he sat on the edge of the bed next to me where I lay in a daze of exhaustion. He held my face and smoothed my hair and just softly said "Only three more days" and my heart about exploded. We hadn't even been talking about my work or how worn out I felt. He just knew. It was the most loved I've felt in a long time.

I have post ideas bumping around in my head. Some big, some silly, some sentimental. I want to talk about aging. I want to tell you about some of my coworkers, who are funny and fun, and the ways they inspire me. There have been some other things worth writing about. Another loss, and another significant reconnection.

But right now my head is a fog of sleep and sickness and I'm fighting to get something out of this day other than straight recovery. So for now, just - hello.