introspective waterfall

At the end of last month, Cameron floated an idea to me. He was planning on spending the month of June in Puerto Vallarta, and would I want to come down for a few days, if he did? I'd only need a flight, and could crash at his rental. I asked what was in Puerto Vallarta.

"Beaches. Margaritas. A break from Houston."

I said I was in.

He brought up the trip again last week, this time to see whether I'd want to go for my birthday at the end of May.

I said I was in.

He sent a link to the rental he'd been looking at. A modest jungle bungalow. Fountains, sandy walkways, stone-walled jacuzzi, plunge pool. Lots of lounging/drinking/reading/talking areas.

I said let's book this shit already.

And then he got strangely quiet over the next few days, which made me nervous. I didn't know if maybe it wasn't going to work out. I waited until I couldn't wait anymore, and then I nudged him.

I sent that text on my way to Timo's last night - while I was walking to his house from the train station. We had plans to grab a bite somewhere on Sunset or maybe Santa Monica, and hungry, I'd wanted him to come meet me straight away. But he said I needed to come over first. That he had a gift for me.

Well. These two. Can you guess?

These two. My ridiculously awesome boyfriend and my ridiculously awesome GBF (self-termed) had conspired to buy me this trip to Mexico as my birthday present. The flights, the accommodations, and an adventure of my choosing - waterfall hike, animal sanctuary, fancy dinner - whatever I want. That's why Cam had gone dark. They were scheming, and wanted to surprise me with the news.

And do you know how they packaged this gift, these two? Cameron designed a boarding pass jacket, personalized with the details of our trip, a loose itinerary, and a promise of take-to-the-grave fun. He sent the graphic to Timo, who printed it, and wrote up his own message to go alongside. The paper he wrote on is torn from one of his favorite notebooks, with "EXPLORE" printed at the bottom. The gist of the message: I'm so excited for you to have this time with your friend, to have an adventure, and we'll celebrate ourselves in our own way, afterward. 

The boarding pass jacket and the handwritten letter were stuffed, along with a sleeping mask, slippers, ear plugs, and travel toiletries into a cute little travel wallet Timo had laying around from some prior trip.

Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend and my GBF. Knocking it out of the fucking park and into the next country.

The website for the rental is in Spanish, and offers the most glorious Google translation ever:

Casa Camellie is created to achieve that necessary plasticity to recover mentally, anatomically and functionally, from the stressors, alienating and demanding current environmental stimuli.

I am on Day 1 of a nine-day streak at work (someone's on vacation + I'm training a new hire = no days off), so the promise of plasticity, even if I don't know what the fuck that means, is sounding really good right about now. It continues:

The objective is to achieve a better functional adaptation to the environment, through contact with nature, spaces designed to achieve gratifying stimuli in a group or individual, such as the relaxation we offer in our SPA areas, the food balance, the outdoor activities, such as hiking, canopy, walks to the beach or the introspective waterfall jumping and climbing obstacles of our Rio El Nogalito.

Introspective waterfall, people. Introspective waterfall. As if for me there'd be any other kind.