camellie in Mexico, part 2

Casita Cameron™ was tucked away at the bottom of the hills a few miles north of Mismaloya. A short walk from his door took us to a footpath that led up to a treetop eco-park with zip lines, jungle tours, and a lush lunch spot perched in the canopy.

We were tempted, it really was spectacular scenery - but there was a weird, musky, rotten-fruit smell coming off the trees in the area that I couldn't handle. To this day we don't know what it was. At first I thought it was durian, but I don't think that grows in Mexico. Whatever it was, it was too intense for me. So we bounced, but not before spending several minutes watching a frog orgy we noticed in a pond on the way back down.

No, really:

One of the greatest things about my friendship with Cam is how more often than not, we notice and are amused/fascinated/repulsed/captivated by the same things, in the same way. We really are brain twins. Whether it's walking through a mall, listening to a podcast, or hiking through the jungle of Jalisco, we process our inbound information almost identically. It's the best.

And one of the things we both can't get enough of? Animals. So whether it was the mating frogs, the street chickens, the thousands of crabs that emerged to cross the town roads at night, or all the sweet doggos we came across - we were happy to just stop and gawk and joke and babble to them in funny voices.

Anyway, Mismaloya.

Mismaloya is home to a modestly-sized, crescent-shaped beach towards the southern end of Banderas Bay. There's a handful of very casual restaurants where you can gorge on chips and tacos and other traditional fare and get absolutely plastered on massive goblets of alcohol for cheap. Like, obscenely cheap. Just post up on a lounge chair in the sand and laze the day away. Or you can take up one of the many extremely, uh, proactive entrepreneurs who patrol the area on their offers of snorkeling, boating, cave exploring, etc. Running the parking lot-to-beach gauntlet of these tour operators is a little harrowing - they don't really like "no thanks" or "maybe later" as an answer - but who can blame them. That's the deal down there.

So we took one such deal down there and spent an hour or so getting chauffeured out to snorkel at Los Arcos, a cluster of granite islands just a ways from the coast. It was super lovely:

We spent a few of our afternoons at Mismalaya. It was close, it was chill, it was friendly. It was also home to a gorgeous little pup we fell in love with and quite seriously wanted to bring home with us.

Last chapter, in which we make ourselves regulars at all the bars of Gayvallarta and take, literally, ALL THE SELFIES, still to come!