It occurs to me, a year and a half into living here, that I've never shown you my place, aka TinyTown.

It's somewhere around 350 square feet, a size at which every last inch of space has to be carefully considered. There's just no other way to survive living so small.

The day I moved in, I had a panic attack. I thought maybe I'd made a terrible mistake. Just fitting my few things in here - a desk, a chair, some boxes and a king size bed - was a challenge. Oh and Chaucer. All 135lbs of him.

I had no choice though. In fact, Chaucer was the reason I moved here. My previous apartment was on an upper level and had an unreliable, often out-of-service elevator. And Chauc couldn't do stairs anymore, so it was developing into a really bad situation. This spot is first floor, and right by the back door exit where he could easily step out. It was Chaucer-accessible, if cozy for us both. (Mastiffs are actually such couch potatoes that they make great apartment dogs, though granted this one was a leeeetle small for him. We did our best.)

Anyway, the pictures don't do it justice, because it really is super cute. The pictures are blurry AF, because I get very little light this time of year. Also I'm still using an iPhone SE. Duncurr.

As you can see I neutraled myself. This was partly in response to how tiny the room is (a lot of color feels overwhelming to me in such small space), and partly a result of how my experience of color has changed since taking LSD. (Yes I know how stupid that sounds. We'll get back to it at some point, I promise. Spoiler alert: it changed for the better.)

Anyway, come on in:

Note the lack of:

dining table + chairs

The desk is easy enough to clear for plates, my bed is massive and glorious enough to fulfill all sofa-esque duties, and I just DGAF about TV at this particular point in my life. It's just not a thing I need.

So yes, it is minimal as can be - but it works (probably because all I do is work).

My two closets are actually pretty pimped out with Elfa, and I love them - but I wasn't ambitious enough to wake up early enough on a Saturday to get the best light to show them. Next time.