spring at the beach

So it is official: my work news is that I have been moved indefinitely to our Santa Monica location, until my own store reopens. (And there's currently no date set for that, but I'm hoping for mid-March...)

The company had to do some more furloughing and therefore some more shuffling and yr Ellie of Spades has been relocated a ten minute walk from the beach. Go ahead and decide now how many beach sunset pics you can take, so later when you've had enough, you can unfollow without guilt. 

I'm stoked to still, like, have a job, and a full-time one at that. And I know almost everyone at this location already, and received a super warm welcome from all of the staff. (Granted it's LA. Everyone is an actor.) 

But I'm a mess when I'm out of my comfort zone, so today was exhausting. I know I'll get my legs under me quick enough, though, as I'll have lots of support both above and under me. 

I'll be taking the train, which is 45 minutes each way. My commute to West Hollywood was at least that long - but on foot. Now I can chill and listen to stuff, so feel free to email me your audiobook recommendations. (Non-fiction, please; I prefer to scowl at my fiction on a screen.)