thirteen days

I will be amazed if he's removed from office early, if he's impeached again or if Pence gets strong-armed into invoking the 25th. I will truly be amazed if he faces any significant consequences at all, because if the last four years has shown me anything, it's that with few exceptions (ilu Katie Porter) American politics is purely performative. 

And I really don't like to admit to myself how much his presidency has affected me emotionally, because I work really hard at not letting others intrude on my inner peace. But holy fuck has he intruded. Holy fuck has he sickened me in a way that, I think, has a lot to do with my good luck at having lived through four decades of relatively boring presidents. Presidents whose even most reprehensible social, economic, and military policies were somehow muted by virtue of their comparative normalcy

But this motherfucker. This lying, narcissistic sociopath and his coterie of evil sycophants. I have been counting down the days until the rotten lot of them are removed from my daily experience of my country and my culture. And it's almost over. 

Biden wasn't my first choice. He wasn't my second or third, either. But I have slowly been falling in love with my new grandpa Joe, if for nothing more than his calming, reassuring, measured way of speaking to me. And I will dance - I will literally dance with joy - the day he is securely stationed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the above counter reads nothing but some big, fat, beautiful zeros