I closed my eyes

It's a common misconception that the greatest Oingo Boingo song is Dead Man's Party. No. The greatest Oingo Boingo song is We Close Our Eyes. 

We Close Our Eyes is an anthem for those of us who struggle with change at first, but then ultimately, happily give in when the excitement of what's new crowds out the grief of what's lost.

For those of us who fall in love over and over again, succumbing to optimism despite every ounce of painfully collected evidence. 

For those of us learning to accept the spin, spin, spin of the planet and the days, months, years it takes from us.

The same day that I said goodbye to Erin, I found out I've been made GM of our West Hollywood location. No more temporary supporting of the Santa Monica store. WeHo is mine now.  It's back to epic daily walks through Hancock Park, full time+ hours, and days so busy they fly by.

It's an excellent move for me in every regard and I am thrilled. But it's a big change, and right now I still feel like a rook on a chessboard. (A rook because there's really only two stores I could be transferred to - two directions I can be moved in.)

I'll be on a regular schedule with a two-day weekend starting Monday, but this week my days off are split as I scramble to re-organize the store digitally and physically and get my feet under me. Meaning I'm pretty tapped out and Ye Olde Blogge might suffer for it, just this week.

But here's a photo I took on my way home from work the other night. It's not Disneyland; it's an actual home in Hancock Park. The entire neighborhood feels like this. Gorgeous homes, perfectly maintained landscaping, tree-lined drives with lanterns for street lights. Quiet, empty sidewalks where I can process my day. 

The timing for me to take on the beast that is WeHo is perfect. All my friends have dipped out of LA, where there is no social scene yet anyway. All work and no FOMA makes Ellie a very good goal-achiever.

Work/life/health balance, however, 'bout to be thrown out the window. See you in summer, Balance!