jaywalk with me

I have a working theory that everything I need to know about you, I can learn from watching you jaywalk.

How close are you willing to cut it, between passing cars? My point of interest here isn't how reckless or daring you are - it's how considerate you are. There's nothing worse than having someone dash out in front of your speeding car. Do you take into consideration the driver's perspective and concomitant anxiety? Or just bolt, because you're gonna do you. 

Where do your position yourself when waiting on an island or median? Do you lean out close to the edge of traffic, stressing drivers the fuck out? Or do you stand as far back as possible, because you're not impatient, insane, or inconsiderate.

When you finally do cross, do you haul ass? Or slow walk, to flex and be a dick? Jaywalk with me, show me your true colors.