quatrieme etape

What a breakup sounds like, in five stages:

1. I can't hear anything other than your voice, which I'm not hearing, because you're gone. It's very confusing. How can you not be here, but all I hear? Granted this might have something to do with voicemail and video playbacks, on my part. I'll see about bulking up my delete finger. No promises. 

2. Well, now all I can hear is your silence. And it's really fucking loud. Please be quiet(er). I can't hear myself hearing nothing.

3. Something strange is happening. The space where you aren't speaking - where there should be anything, something to say - is filling up. It's filling up with ugly, murmuring memories I kept turned down low all this time. But the volume button appears to be broken, so what the fuck. 

4. I am now living in a Cranberries album. This is not my choice. I would rather do anything else with my time than fixate on the invisible and the gone. But here we are: all I hear are the songs I want to write.

5. ???