smudgy stamp farewell

Erin leaves Friday. Already. 

Last night she came upstairs (we live in the same building) and sat on my rug and we talked for two hours. Today I went and did the same at her place while she packed.

Just now I wrote and printed up a letter for her to save and read at some future point, when she's having a difficult moment. She's been through so fucking much in the past year and a half. A huge breakup, the death of her dad, getting laid off due to Covid, and now she's heading back to Ohio to start a new job in a new line of work. 

Pinned underneath the photo are a small cellophane sleeve and a little white envelope. On the back of the envelope I wrote


1. gently remove butterfly*, fold, and place in cellophane sleeve. place in pink envelope for safe keeping

2. gently remove photo of friends** and place in white envelope. place in pink envelope for safe keeping 

3. wait until you're having a bad day and need a boost

4. open and read letter

* some things change

** some things don't 


She bought a three bedroom house the payments for which will be 1/3 of what we pay in rent for our LA studios, so there'll be plenty of rugs for me to lay on when I go visit. 

But holy hell do I hate farewells.