the libra thing

A couple posts back I dropped a Libra joke. And look, I know astrology is a bunch of malarky. But it is a fact that virtually ALL the men I have gotten close to romantically and socially in the past 7 years are Libras, with a few Leos thrown in.

So what the fuck. What the actual fuck.

Cameron? Leo. 

Terence? Libra.

Timo? Leo.

Kenny? Libra.

Costa? Libra.

Brent? Libra.

My date last week? Libra.

I know better than to place any stock whatsoever in this. And yet, if you check out any compatibility rating for Libras and Geminis, it's always solid. The fact that I know it's just coincidence and random circumstance makes it even more fun for me, because it totally triggers my Matrix theory of life (I'm not remotely convinced we're not all living in a simulation), and because the Libras and Leos in my life are just so, so very Leonine and Libraesque.

Fun, crazy shit.