these tiny hoops

I bought some tiny silver hoops for you -- whoever you are. 

Eight millimeters, barely big enough to push a pencil through. Just a bright little loop to catch the candlelight. They wrap perfect and tight around my earlobes and you probably won't notice them until you get close.

You can press them between your thumb and finger. You'll feel how delicate and pliant the wire is. You can press harder, if you want, and twist until I cry out. Just be careful taking my sweater off, so they don't snag. Take your eyes off mine long enough to do that.

I have loads of lacy lingerie, a leather collar and a leash. But for some reason, these tiny hoops feel more feminine than anything I've ever worn. Maybe you could help me figure out why?

They're waiting in my top drawer, and they're my promise to you that there is still something unknown and unseen and unfelt in me. Let's find out what that is, together, while I'm wearing these tiny hoops for you.