extreme scheduling for anxious types

A thing I have always known about myself but which was vividly refreshed during the pandemic is that too much unstructured time is extremely detrimental to my well being. Without a schedule, I fall apart: anxiety, rumination, low mood. The right amount of free time is heaven to me. When I have two or three days off, I plunge into my weekends, super stoked on the things I'm going to write, the friends I'm going to catch up with, the mini adventures I'm going to squeeze in. But there's a very fine line between the right amount of time and too much.

My work schedule was only briefly interrupted by the COVID. I only spent one pay period working three days a week. Not a huge deal but all that unexpected time tripped me up hard. So I went into Google Sheets and designed the prettiest, most soothing spreadsheet to which I could rigorously adhere, for the sake of sanity. I made a Work Day schedule and two Day Off schedules, because #variety. Here's one of the latter:

An extremely rigid schedule is not for everyone. But if you, too, spiral with too much time on your hands, here's my template. Just merge cells and color as needed. Mental illness? Nah, mental coolness!