I ate at Chipotle

I just had the most incredible experience.

I ate at Chipotle.

I ate at Chipotle, as in inside of a Chipotle. Indoors. With walls surrounding me (because of being inside). And yes I was alone, because most of my friends lost their jobs in the pandemic and had to move away. And yes it was with limited capacity, so no one was close enough to see me try and break my personal record for percentage of burrito consumed in a single bite (it's 30% - my record is 30%). And yes the little table tent politely exhorted me to wear my mask when "not actively eating" (I assure you that is the only kind of eating I do at Chipotle). 

But who cares about any of that. I ate inside of a restaurant. I sat at the counter facing the street, and a FedEx delivery guy took the seat directly in front of the window, and I dined while averting my gaze from his ass which was eye level AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. And a chihuahua came by with his owner, and lifted his little leg on the bushes outside AND IT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE DINNER THEATER EVER.

And I don't know if my city is taking this leap too soon. I know our new case count has absolutely plummeted, because I watch those numbers (less than 700 today!!!!) more closely than I've ever watched my checking account balance -- but I don't know if we're moving too quickly. Time will tell. All I know is that I will never





take this simple experience for granted again. 

And as I sat there tired from the microdose of COVID-19 coursing through my veins, doing Great and Noble Battle with the Pfizer vaccine right there alongside it in my bloodstream, I felt the deepest, most genuine gratitude to be alive, to be here in this fucked-up but beautiful metropolis that has watched me empty my heart and my wallet time and again, eating a meal that will induce self-hatred the minute it is concluded.

And when I walked back home I pressed the crosswalk button and I thought how if my friends were there right at that moment, and if we were drunk enough and they dared me to, I might put my lips to that crosswalk button. Just because I could. Just to show Corona who the fucking boss is and which species is superior. 

I ate at Chipotle, and it was beautiful.