(ides) zwei drei vier

Hey hello beauties. What a week it's been. I have some negative energy to dispense with but also some great news, so here's an update to put some things behind me, some things in perspective, and some things into clearer view. 

1. I got my first dose of the Pfizer? I hardly know her! vaccine and I could not be more relieved. Only a couple of my very closest friends really knew how terrified I was of COVID at the beginning. Working in public, around the public, on public transportation virtually every day, I was 100% sure I would get. How could I not? And maybe I did. Maybe I was asymptomatic. But there were some nights walking home in K-town before I moved downtown, where I could hear people coughing in their homes, in a neighborhood so dense and dirty I figured it was just a matter of time before my asthmatic ass was wheezing its last breath on a ventilator, lonely and dying in an ICU bed. 

(I don't mean to bag on Koreatown - I mean to fucking DUNK on it. Fuck Koreatown, forever. Brent and I agree that our short stints in K-town absolutely traumatized us. It is a demoralizing place to live, there is no building in that godforsaken area that isn't overrun with roaches and bed bugs and gangs, and just FUCK KOREATOWN and how it compromised my mental health for four damn years.)

Anyway, I consider it no small miracle I made it through unscathed. I really just cannot believe I didn't get this stupid fucking virus, with how close I must have been to it every damn day for a year. But I didn't get it. And now I'm safe. And I am so, so, so relieved that life is that much closer to normal again.

2. I am single! I am firmly, undoubtedly, unquestionably single. My friend and I who tried to kickstart something more - that is not happening. He is an amazing person and it was really hard to walk away from what was on offer. But not all of the pieces were there for me so I had to say no. He has promised to stay my friend, though, and that makes me happy. 

3. So much work drama. You have no idea. (So I will tell you.) Some bad, some really really bad, and some awesome. 

The really really bad: a former employee who I terminated has been harassing me and sending me death threats. Yay! LOL forgive my dark humor but really what else can I do other than laugh. Yesterday was when this all really unraveled and it shook me up of course, I was angry and sad and all of that. But today it's moving on to solutions and working to put it behind me asap. The cops came to my workplace, I have to file a restraining order -- it's a whole thing. But my company has totally rallied around me, top to bottom. I have my young sweet kids doing what they can to show support and solidarity, my peers in management absolutely outraged and making sure I have the resources I need to handle it, and my boss insisting I expense Ubers until the order has been served and checking in on me frequently. 

Really the whole story is I suspended then fired a kid because of a million reasons and he was not happy about it. And rather than this young man redirecting his energy into, like, finding a new job, he directed it alllll at me, largely in the form of pictures of poop? In his (a?) toilet? It was very weird and sick but also some of my closer friends in the company found the humor in it and we all dunked on him and it was a non-issue because it takes .2 seconds to ignore then block a phone number (he used 3 different numbers, a show of dedication that had he applied in the kitchen HE MIGHT STILL HAVE A JOB). But then weeks after he'd been terminated and paid out and I'd had no contact with him he sent yet ANOTHER poop picture from yet ANOTHER number and reader, dear reader, I could not resist replying this time.

"Stop with the selfies," I texted back. And I'm sorry but not sorry I engaged because come on, that is brilliant.

But you'll be shocked to hear that this further incited his anger and despite my having immediately blocked that number after my response -- his next texts somehow broke through my phone block. And his next texts were death threats. 

"I see you walking from work all the time bitch. Don't make me pay you a visit."


"Ima kill ya like your ex-boyfriend should have bitch"

Which was super weird! Because I have no idea where he got the idea that anyone I have been with wants to kill me, at least not literally, though Greg did make a painting about me that is a book with the title How She Broke Me but now I'm really getting off track.* Point is, maybe he knows something I don't?

Anyway, that is what I get for cracking a really good comeback to a psychopath. Lesson learned! Also, apparently iPhones sometimes need to be restarted for blocks to take effect. Now you know.

The bad: a different former coworker has been shit-stirring and trying to cause trouble for myself and my head chef. But he has been caught out, so while it was an annoyance and a temporary source of anger, that has been handled. 

The awesome: I have found out that my company's plan for me is to manage TWO locations: both where I'm at now, and my former DTLA store. This is very, very cool, because I was loathe to give up my old spot entirely and have been tortured with indecision about where I want to be when DTLA reopens. So now I don't really have to choose! There's someone fantastic (who works for me now) lined up to be at DTLA full time, and I will oversee and handle ordering, accounting, inventory and all that jazz. It will be an increase in responsibility, but in a way I'm familiar with already - so I'm unafraid and very stoked and looking forward to getting to see all my old market friends on the regular...but also not being chained to a hot, sweaty, filthy market all week. 

4. I don't actually have a fourth item. I think that pretty much sums up what's been taking up my time and energy since I was last here, so I'll stop there. But here are some happy images!

I was the first vaccination of the day! And I literally started crying from happiness and relief. The poor nurses were probably eye-rolling me so hard. 

TFW one of your best guy friends (who is also a master chef and can break down a suckling pig) fucking loses it because you just got a death threat from a poop-etrator. As someone without an emergency contact, I will always cherish times when my friends show me I'm not ever, in any way, alone. 


Greg and I have nothing but affection for one another and it is always lovely happy and nostalgic vibes when we run into one another, pointed portfolio piece notwithstanding.