NY Caption Contest #745

Hey remember when I used to challenge myself intellectually? Okay okay, I'll give myself some credit for my efforts of late. But I can always! do! better!

Also: remember when I officially won the New Yorker Caption Contest once, but unofficially won it twice? That was cool. And remember how my dad didn't tell me that the artist-signed cartoon had ended up at his house for some reason, and it was languishing undisplayed in his closet while I was super sad thinking it had gotten lost in the mail? That was weird. And then remember how it somehow disappeared anyway, when I moved to K-town, out of the "very very bad living situation" I was in? That was a bummer. 

It is totally okay if you don't remember any of this. I barely do. Point is, at some point I need to reach out to the New Yorker and see about getting a replacement copy of my caption (I'm sure they will say Fat chance, lady, and the sad legacy of this whole thing will continue.) Second point is, let's start doing the captions again!

I really don't know what my goal is in sharing these (which I'm gonna do every time I remember and am not too tired to take a whack at) other than my pathetic need to show that I am occasionally clever. Please validate me and don't hide my achievements in the closet, Dad enjoy.

This week's contest closed Sunday, so you can't steal my Very Serious Creative Work, you dastardly motherfuckers. And yes I hit that shit with multiple New Yorker accounts, because you're only allowed one entry, because haters be trying to curb my genius.