sprint/survival interruptus

Quick check-in, though not much to report.

It being 2021 and us being in a panini, I was able to submit my restraining order online, literally as a 40 page PDF scanned and sent to an email address at LA Superior Court. Felt super sketch but it was received! Bit more paperwork and legwork on it to go, though.

No news yet how my work will be changing, though the gears are starting back up on DTLA. Conversations need to be had, and will soon, about roles and responsibilities and scheduling. TBH I'm pretty exhausted already, the commute to West Hollywood is a bear, so we'll see. Right now I'm in sprint/survival mode, which is when I focus 100% on work to the exclusion of pretty much everything else, including self-care and creativity. Has to be that way for a minute yet. But I'm trying to come through here as much as I can on my weekend and, like, dump my feels and say hello. 

I hate myself for how much I'm enjoying the spring weather here in LA. Totally off-brand for me, but there it is. 

A few things on the horizon: 

1. Sunday I get my second jab, and I guess a month after that I'll be more or less as safe as I'm going to be against the 'rona? I don't know what if anything I'm going to do differently. I may check out bus routes to my work, but honestly I don't think it'll be much faster. It's something like 40, 42 stops to my store. Sounds like a recipe for hellish carsickness. I'll definitely feel more comfortable heading to the coast, so maybe a beach day sometime soon? I scooped up a Zip Car membership again about a week ago. Used to have one and loved it, think it's time again to have that resource in my back pocket.

2. April 30th will mark nine years since my dad died, and on that day I will reach a Pretty Big Financial Goal. Stoked about that. 

3. First week of August, barring any unforeseen changes in my work life, I should reach the Even Bigger Financial Goal. That will be a very exciting day, and around that time I'll have more to share about my longterm plans, which are pretty much all I think about these days. Sprint/survival mode etc. 

Someone asked me the other day whether I have eyes on any festivals this year, with things opening back up. I do not. It's too soon for me, though that Outside Lands lineup is something else. If I hadn't already seen The Strokes, Tame Impala, and Vampire Weekend (ya girl has been lucky) I'd be sorely tempted. But I doubt we'll be done with masking this year, and I fucking despise wearing a mask. It would really ruin it for me, be such a buzzkill to, like, dance in a mask? Pass. If by years' end though we're good to go, and someone wants to offload their Dreamstate ticket to me (sold out), then I might consider it. 

Okay kids. Apparentlyyyyy the thing I have tonight which I was 95% sure was going to get cancelled because #LA, #milliennial (I think), and #panini is actually happening, I just got the text. He suggested sushi. I have accepted. Sushi for a first date, super, I get to immediately turn him off with my disastrous chopstick skills. I guess that means I have to go get a damn manicure now. Ugh, human connection is so exhausting sometimes.