compatability chart

On a storm grey beach, beside the dark deep blue

I hug my knees in tight, let my thoughts swim through

You're just up coast, you're just a walk away

If the walk was walkable and not forty days

And the moon is pulling, and the tide is pushing

And I have no choice, despite all my wishing

There's five thousand stars, bright buttons in a clear black sky

But just one gem in the sand, waiting and sitting

And wondering why

They say you're the balance

They say you're the beauty

But I weigh what you say against what you do

And neither of me understands you

Every day the constellations are a map that I can trace

From the cross streets of my memory, where no lines have changed your face

And I know it's silly, and I know it's fake

But when it seems to fit it somehow stops the ache

They say we are right

They say we belong

But I can't write a duet solo

You have to sing along